WHAFF Rewards App: Earn Money, Win Giftcards and Lots More

WHAFF Rewards App Earn Money Win Giftcards

WHAFF Rewards will let you browse through Sponsored Apps hand-picked by the specialists here at WHAFF and reward you whenever you complete our offers. You can discover fun and useful applications and get rewarded for choosing them

How to start earning money and win gift card using WHAFF Rewards App

  1. Download WHAFF Rewards from Here.
  2. Click on Login Button.
  3. Now Login with Facebook account.
  4. While you login, you will get a window asking for Invitation Code. Enter EA44349 to get $0.30 to your account.
  5. Now Like WHAFF Rewards Facebook page to get additional $0.20 into your account.
  6. You can Earn More by Installing apps and Inviting Friends. You can earn $0.30 per referral.

How to Earn Free Points WHAFF Rewards

  1. Earn Daily Attendance: $0.02 (You can Do this once a day)
  2. Install apps and complete offers: Earn Up to Dailt $20
  3. Invite Your Friends: Get $0.30 for every Successful invite

How to payout on WHAFF Rewards

  1. Go to menu from left and Click Payout
  2. then go to Payout Request tab and select your choice
  3. You can choose Paypal if you want to redeem as money

Tips to Earn Maximum By Installing Offer Apps

  1. Always Install Apps from Offer Wall
  2. Don't just install apps also register if require
  3. Don't close the app immediately after installing. surf for sometime on app
  4. Stay on App For 5 Minutes and open other menues and categories on Apps
  5. Make sure you haven't installed the app before on same device
  6. Wait for the advertisers to confirm and pay you(It may take 72 Hours sometimes)

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