Download EaZyFi App and Get Free Mobile Recharge or Redeem Earning In Bank Account

EaZyFi App find seller and offer and earn hard cash

EazyFi, the app that aims at empowering every smartphone user to make the most of their lives. We help you to connect and make payments with your local shops and institutions, conveniently.

EazyFi, aim to bring both these factors to you, in your everyday shopping experience – right from grocery shopping, buying medicines from chemists, food products and other items from local vendors, etc. WITHOUT the headaches of online payments!

With numerous EZ sellers listed on our platform, you can enjoy the convenience of checking out clothing, gift products, apparels, electronics, sports items, fashion accessories and more at the best rates on the app and make the purchase online or at the store directly!

Apart from this, you can save money and earn rewards like free mobile recharges while you visit any EazyFi affiliated store and transact - either online or at the store directly. Yes, Search online, purchase offline!

How to Earn Money by Downloading EaZyFi App

  1. Download EaZyFi App from Here
  2. After downloading the app, Enter your number and verify it.
  3. On Next Page Enter this Code in referral code section: freebi
  4. Now Start inviting your friends and collect Ez points (You will get 10 Points for every successful invite)
  5. Minimum Recharge Rs.10 = 125 Points
  6. Minimum Bank Withdrawal Rs.125 = 600 Points

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