FinoZen App: Invest On Mutual Fund Online and Get Up to 8.3% Interest Rate With no Lock-in

Finozen app Earn Awesome interest on investing in Mutual funds online

Finozen is a mobile app through which you can invest in Mutual funds and get impressive gains. Generally, banks give you only a 3% to 6% interest rate on savings accounts and fixed deposits & also have a lock-in period. But with FinoZen, Your money grows daily, and you can withdraw instantly.

Finozen will invest your Money On Reliance Money Manager Fund - Growth Plan which is low-Risk Plan. They are providing you to invest any amount, and you can withdraw any time with no penalties without any paperwork.

FinoZen App is completely safe and secure. Also, your money will be invested in low-Risk Mutual Fund, so your Chances or losing Money are next to 0. Finozen Works Under RBI Guidelines so no chance of any fraudulence.

You can start investing with a minimum amount of Rs.500 and can invest up to no limit. Moreover, you will get Rs.50 Directly to your Bank account after spending the first time. So just adding Rs.500 will give you Extra Rs.50 + the interest depending on how long you hold the money.

Best Thing About Finozen is that you can add money anytime and withdraw it anytime as you want with no Lock-in period. You can use investment calculator before you invest which will give you a better idea of how much you can earn during a particular period.

You need to complete your eKYC online by taking a picture of your bank accounts details and PAN card before you invest. Once your documents approved, you can start investing any amount you want.

Adding money is easy, just click on ADD MONEY, and you can enter any amount you want. You will be redirected to the payment page, where you can pay via Debit/Credit Cards or Net Banking.

How to Earn Using Finozen App

  1. Download Finozen App from here
  2. After Downloading App Click Signup to create new account
  3. Now fill you details and Use This Referral Code: 9033313154 while creating account(Must use referral code otherwise you will not get Rs.50 cashback)
  4. Now Enter your Bank Details, Your selfie Holding PAN Card. Make sure all details are visible.
  5. After Completing verification process wait for the approval (This will take upto 24 Hours)
  6. Once your account approved start investing on Finozen. Minimum amount you can invest is Rs. 500
  7. Once you make your first investment you will receive Rs.50 Cashback to your bank account within 3-4 days. (you will only get your cashback if you used Referral code while singup)
  8. Now you can see your money growing daily. you can add more money and withdraw it anytime as per your choice
  9. If you had invested Rs.500 and want to withdraw it instantly then you can walk away with Rs.550 (Rs.500 your Investment + Rs.50 Joining Bonus)
  10. It's a win win Formula. You can Invest For Long Term to Earn More Intrest with up to no chance of losing money
  11. Invest More and Earn More!

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