VuLiv App: Earn Daily Rs.5 by Watching Videos

VuLiv App Win Daily Rs.5 Wallet Money

VuLiv – Infinity Player is the hub for all your multimedia requirements, be it viewing images, watching videos or playing music. Find them all at one place conveniently sorted in a ‘Swipe to Switch’ view. With integrated video streaming, news updates and even a hybrid marketplace, VuLiv – Infinity Player is your media player with a karmic connection where you can discover the hottest deals, discounts, and offers; all while you view or listen to your favorite content.

How to Earn Daily Rs.5 From VuLiv App

  1. Download VuLiv App From Here
  2. Once Download Complete, Open the app and Enter This Code in referral code section: RK251ggsr9
  3. Now Login With Either Facebook or Google+
  4. Now Go To Discover Page By Clicking on the second Option from the bottom portion of the app.
  5. Once you Enter the Discover Page, you will see View All click on it and the next page you will see Videos list, download all of them.
  6. Finally, watch all the videos and keep repeating daily to earn Karma Points.
  7. To Redeem your Karma Points Go to Right Menu then click Live Section.
  8. Now you will see Wallets Tab and select your choice such as Paytm, Mobikwik or Payback.
  9. Keep watching These offline videos daily and earn Karma Points.
  10. 500 Karma Points = Rs. 5 Paytm/Mobikwik
Note: If your Karma Points are not updated after watching all downloaded videos, then go to Live again and back again to the main page and see your points are updated.

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