Rappio App: Earn Free Mobile Recharge On Receiving Every Incoming Call

Rappio App Earn Free Recharge on Listening Ringtone

Use Rappio to get free mobile recharges and pay your postpaid bills by letting it customize your phone's ringtone. Get greeted with a cool ringtone every time and get free recharge every time your phone rings.

No need to spend any time on the app, just keep it in your phone and start getting free recharge points every time your phone rings. The app will automatically notify whenever you have enough recharge amount to recharge your phone or pay your postpaid's bill.

Set the priority of ringtones to get your free mobile recharge. On every incoming call, you will hear a ringtone, and you will earn free recharge. Once you have accumulated some significant amount, redeem for free recharges or pay your phone's bill on Redeem page.

How to Earn Free Mobile Recharge On Receiving Every Incoming Call

  1. Download Rappio App from Here.
  2. Enter your Details and put this code in Referral code section: 6ZJ2IKQW
  3. Now Verify your Number and Proceed.
  4. After successfully verification, Go to Home and set any 3 Ringtone.
  5. This app will automatically set the Ringtone of your phone and you will earn when you receive a call.
  6. Earn More by Referring Friends(Per referral you will earn Rs.5)
Conditions for Getting reward points:
Phone's ringtone volume is more than 10%
No points on which phone's ringtone is silenced.
For any issues email them, [email protected]

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