Top 17 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India for creators to Make Money Online

Social Media Influencer Marketing Program to Earn Money Online

Influencer marketing has emerged as a new way for marketers to contact their target customers through already-engaged and established audiences, thanks to the growth of the creative class—YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagram stars.

For many, getting paid to play around and promote brands on social media is a dream come true. However, while the life of a paid social media influencer is definitely gratifying, achieving the status of one requires a bit more than posting the occasional TikTok video or Instagram Story.

If you've already achieved celebrity status or are well-known in your profession, you can simply open social media accounts, start posting, and watch your following rise (almost instantly). However, for the majority of us, being a paid social media influencer requires building an audience from the bottom up.

The enormous popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube has given rise to a completely new type of celebrity: the social media influencer. More celebrities are monetizing their social media followings and turning their online presences into full-time careers every day.

What actually is an influencer?

An influencer is anybody who makes money by influencing the purchasing habits of others. A social media influencer connects with people who follow them on online platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tiktok in exchange for compensation from brands they promote.

For example, an Instagram influencer can publish content on the social media platform in support of a fashion brand, earning a fee for any followers who buy from the brand based on the influencer's recommendation.

How Will You Earn Money Through Influencer Marketing Apps?

In general, all Influencer Marketing Apps do the same process for you. You must first find a suitable campaign from the dashboard and then apply for it. As soon as you've been accepted, place a purchase through the URL they offer (usually Amazon or Flipkart).

Before placing an order, always read the description and eligibility conditions. You must submit the delivery, whether on Instagram, YouTube, or as an Amazon review as per the rules.

Let's have a look at the top 19 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India for creators wishing to earn money online.

List of Influencer Marketing Platforms in India For Influencers |

1. OPA Influencers

OPA is a FREE mobile app that allows anyone with Instagram or YouTube account to access brand offers in India. Receive free items in exchange for promoting brands on your social media profiles. Brands provide a bargain, and you can choose whether or not to participate.

The OPA App is designed for Influencers. On the App, influencers get collaboration invitations from brands. Influencers can use the App to monitor collaborations, track shipments, get feedback on content, and earn profit, among other things. If you have any of the following, you are eligible: Instagram public profile with over a thousand followers YouTube channel with over 1,000 followers However, even if you do not meet any of the above conditions, you may be eligible for a cashback campaign.

2. The Good Creator Co.

Join India's largest influencer marketplace, which houses over 220K+ creators ranging from micro creators to major superstars.

Gain access to one-of-a-kind creator programmes, earn commission on sales through branded content, be compensated for shoots and event hosting, and have the opportunity to establish your own line of products and run your own store on The Good Creator Co. app.

3. Good Goods

Good Goods India is a platform for testing products and receiving a full refund for reviewing them on an associated marketplace.

They provide top branded products to test from prominent ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, and you could write a positive or negative review and get a payback after your review is published on the platform. You can make a lot of money by trying out products through the Good Goods influencer program.

4. Freeskout

FREESKOUT is a digital influencer marketing platform and your one-stop shop for all influencer marketing demands.

You can simply communicate and interact with the influencer of your choosing at FREESKOUT based on your needs. You will get instant access to their market insights. Businesses like Restaurants, bars, clubs, fashion labels, technology brands, beauty products, fitness bloggers, gyms, nutritionists, and other businesses will benefit greatly.

5. Flytant

Flytant offers a platform for monetising your social media content by linking micro, macro, and all types of influencers with Brands.

Infleuncers can build a profile on Flytant and gain access to a variety of features to determine their social worth. Infleuncers can apply for brand deals to receive incredible sponsorship opportunities and monetize their social media content.

6. wobb

Wobb App is just what you need whether you want to bring value to people's lives, share genuine opinions about high-quality products, or simply entertain them with your ability and creativity.

Wobb allows you to browse active brands, Instagram and YouTube campaigns, and apply to the ones that interest you. Explore and discover amazing sponsored campaigns, produce fascinating content to partner with brands, and earn incredible guaranteed bonuses!

7. Do Your Thng (DYT)

Do Your Thng (DYT) is an influencer app that helps any social media creator in monetising their audience.

DYT is available to anyone. To be a part of the community, you don't have to be a big shot social media influencer. DYT is open to all artists, from those with less than 100 followers to micro-influencers, mid-tier influencers, and mega-celebrities.

Anyone can make money by selling creative content to promote their favourite businesses and causes. All you need is a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and the desire to make a difference in the world.

8. Kofluence

Anyone with a little or large social following and the ability to alter others' decision-making tactics can be a Kofluence influencer.

Monetize your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media content with fascinating and engaging content to generate money. Collaborate with top-tier and leading brands to give your unique perspectives to the product's voice for relevant campaigns, assisting customers in making the correct choice by presenting them with an opinion they can trust.

9. Viral Pitch

Viral Pitch is a suitable way to measuring all variables in the Influencer Marketing Space, with a single platform representing all influencer information for brand references.

They connect influencers with the most recent industry campaigns, allowing them to analyse, appraise, and pitch their offerings directly to brands. Not only does Viral Pitch benefit the brands, but it also makes influencer knowledge from their social media channels easily and understandable to the general public.

10. confluencr

confluencr is India's largest influencer marketing agency, having a network of influencers in 16 countries, including India. We work with 400+ major companies to help them change their business with Content Driven Influencer Solutions across Social Media Platforms.

It's so simple to find your next brand collaboration, discuss content ideas with their team, and grow with Confluencr. They provide influencers brand offers in exchange for cash, voucher coupons, or products.

11. Grynow

Grynow is Leading indian influencer marketing agency, connecting brands with influencers. They work with over 50,000 social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and content creators to execute influencer marketing campaigns. More than 200 leading businesses entrust us all with their brand marketing and development.

They provide a wide selection of collaboration options for major social media influencers such as Ticktock, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. Simply contact with them to know about more earning opportunities.

12. Qoruz

Qoruz connects brands directly with content creators without the use of an agency, allowing creators to have better relationships with brands and earn more through brand collaborations.

Qoruz is a content creator search engine with a large database of over 300,000 Unique Influencers from India. On a regular basis, they work on various projects with 600+ brands. As a result, a creator will have greater visibility to brands and may receive more brand campaigns than on any other platform in India.

13. is the fastest growing influencer marketing platform in India. An ROI-driven influencer marketing agency in India with over 70,000 content creators and influencers.

They help brands create quality content and increase exposure among target audiences by using 70,000 recognised digital influencers across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, Moj, TakaTak, and industry specific platforms through both online and app platform. Their marquee clients include Jaquar, Marks & Spencer, Khatabook, Indiabulls, Tata Cliq, Swiggy, Beardo, Unacademy, Boat Headphones, Himalaya Pharma, Tata Mutual, Pubg, Rummy Culture, Oziva, Man Matters,, and Naturals Salon, among others, with focus verticals of Retail, FMCG, consumer apps, BFSI, and ecommerce.

14. Budding Influencers

Budding Influencers is an influencer marketing platform that scales organisations to create a chain of online producers and customers. The primary task that focus on is curating the appropriate influencers for the right brand to reach the audience.

Budding Influencers serve as a connection between an influencer and a brand. The primary goal is to match the appropriate brand with the right influencer. On Instagram and YouTube, They work with a wide variety of Influencers, from nano to celebrity.

15. Opportune

Opportune is a platform for data-driven influencer marketing. Their objective is to empower companies to conduct effective influencer campaigns by using their pan-India creative network and technology platform.

Discover barter and paid collaborations from renowned brands and agencies at Opportune. Simply connect your Instagram account to us to create your influencer profile and media kit.

16. Chtrbox

Chtrbox is India's top platform for marketers to identify and collaborate with a diverse range of creative influencers.

They help influencers with campaigns and sponsorships from some of the greatest brands, agencies, and startups. This allows you to focus on what you do best: engage and expand your audience via great content.

17. Myhaulstore

Myhaulstore is one of India's leading personalised influencer marketing agencies, offering 24-hour service. Myhaulstore connects brands and influencers while also promising brand affinity and brand exposure for your products and services.

If you are an Influencer who is having difficulty obtaining brand partnerships, MHS can assist you. If you are an experienced Influencer, MHS can help you with expanding your reach and making managing your brand relationships much easier.

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms For Worldwide

What precisely is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that use influencers to increase brand sales and promote products to a bigger audience. Most influencers chosen for brand marketing have a big number of followers that they have earned via trust-building; hence, influencers are viewed as trustworthy experts who openly express their opinions.

This is why companies are increasingly relying on influencer marketing over other kinds of marketing, having realised that individuals are significantly impacted by second-hand information from opinion leaders.

What are the many types of influencers?

Based on their follower count, there are four types of influencers:

  • Nano influencers (1K–10K followers)
  • Micro-influencers (10K–100K followers)
  • Macro influencers (100K–1M followers)
  • Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers)

Most Popular Collaborations Types in India

  1. Barter Collaborations: A barter collaboration occurs when a company brand contacts an influencer to help promote its products in return for free product samples for the influencer to use. Instagram barter collaboration has grown to be the most common type of Instagram collaboration. The influencer gets the product for free, and in exchange, the brand receives a honest review (whether positive or negative) from the influencer.
  2. Paid collaboration: Creators can however profit from their efforts. Paid/sponsored partnership involves working with brands and services in exchange for monetary compensation. If the brand pays the social media influencer a certain amount of money, the collaboration is no longer a "barter" one. Rather, it is a compensated collaboration in which the brand pays the influencer for efficiently promoting their product or service and meeting their influencer marketing goals.

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