BharatNXT App - Credit Card to Bank Account Transfer at the Lowest Rates

Transfer Money from Credit Card to Bank at Cheap Rates in India

Credit cards are mostly used to make direct payments, either online or by swiping the card at a business. However, there may be times when you need to pay in cash, which may result in higher fees if you use your credit card. As a result, in such cases, you have the option of transferring funds from your credit card to your bank account and then making the payment.

The credit card not only allows you to buy products even if you don't have enough money in your savings account, but it also allows you to transfer money to one. You may move cash from your credit card to your savings account in a variety of ways.

BharatNXT is one such app that allows you to transfer money from your credit card to your bank account for the lowest possible fee. You can also get a special new user bonus offer by joining in the refer and earn promotion.

About BharatNXT App

The BharatNXT App is a one-stop shop where your existing credit card can solve all of your business concerns. BharatNXT allows you to use your credit card to make payments for vendors, rent, salaries, GST, utilities, and other office expenses.

Businesses can now make credit card payments straight into the payee's bank account. With BharatNXT, you can earn handsome rewards on every purchase.

BharatNXT Refer and Earn Program

You could earn Rs. 250 for each person you refer to the BharatNXT app. Use the BharatNXT referral code VFKIAQT to enjoy your new user benefits. For a more complete explanation of the referral cashback, see the referral breakup below.

  • When the referee downloads the app using your referral link, you will receive Rs. 100 in BharatNXT cash following his KYC completion
  • When the user who downloads using your referral code completes his first transaction for more than 5000, you will be credited with the remaining Rs. 150 to your wallet balance

How to Transfer Credit Card to Bank Account at the Lowest Rates Using BharatNXT App

  1. Download BharatNXT App
  2. Verify your contact number with the OTP
  3. Enter This BharatNXT referral code VFKIAQT
  4. Verify your PAN Card using a Digi locker verified number and your mobile number
  5. Add your credit card after KYC and make your first payment
  6. You must complete your first transaction above Rs. 5000 to get Extra Rs. 150 Cashback
  7. After completing your transaction click on coin icon at top
  8. Click rewards and find scratch card
  9. Redeem your scratch card and use your rewards on next trasaction

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