Social Media Influencer Marketing Program to Earn Money Online

Influencer marketing has emerged as a new way for marketers to contact their target customers through already-engaged and established audiences, thanks to the growth of the creative class—YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagram stars.

For many, getting paid to play around and promote brands on social media is a dream come true. However, while the life of a paid social media influencer is definitely gratifying, achieving the status of one requires a bit more than posting the occasional TikTok video or Instagram Story.

If you've already achieved celebrity status or are well-known in your profession, you can simply open social media accounts, start posting, and watch your following rise (almost instantly). However, for the majority of us, being a paid social media influencer requires building an audience from the bottom up.

The enormous popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube has given rise to a completely new type of celebrity: the social media influencer. More celebrities are monetizing their social media followings and turning their online presences into full-time careers every day.

What actually is an influencer?

An influencer is anybody who makes money by influencing the purchasing habits of others. A social media influencer connects with people who follow them on online platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tiktok in exchange for compensation from brands they promote.

For example, an Instagram influencer can publish content on the social media platform in support of a fashion brand, earning a fee for any followers who buy from the brand based on the influencer's recommendation.

How Will You Earn Money Through Influencer Marketing Apps?

In general, all Influencer Marketing Apps do the same process for you. You must first find a suitable campaign from the dashboard and then apply for it. As soon as you've been accepted, place a purchase through the URL they offer (usually Amazon or Flipkart).

Before placing an order, always read the description and eligibility conditions. You must submit the delivery, whether on Instagram, YouTube, or as an Amazon review as per the rules.

Let's have a look at the top 19 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India for creators wishing to earn money online.

List of Influencer Marketing Platforms in India For Influencers |

1. OPA Influencers

OPA is a FREE mobile app that allows anyone with Instagram or YouTube account to access brand offers in India. Receive free items in exchange for promoting brands on your social media profiles. Brands provide a bargain, and you can choose whether or not to participate.

The OPA App is designed for Influencers. On the App, influencers get collaboration invitations from brands. Influencers can use the App to monitor collaborations, track shipments, get feedback on content, and earn profit, among other things. If you have any of the following, you are eligible: Instagram public profile with over a thousand followers YouTube channel with over 1,000 followers However, even if you do not meet any of the above conditions, you may be eligible for a cashback campaign.

2. The Good Creator Co.

Join India's largest influencer marketplace, which houses over 220K+ creators ranging from micro creators to major superstars.

Gain access to one-of-a-kind creator programmes, earn commission on sales through branded content, be compensated for shoots and event hosting, and have the opportunity to establish your own line of products and run your own store on The Good Creator Co. app.

3. Good Goods

Good Goods India is a platform for testing products and receiving a full refund for reviewing them on an associated marketplace.

They provide top branded products to test from prominent ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, and you could write a positive or negative review and get a payback after your review is published on the platform. You can make a lot of money by trying out products through the Good Goods influencer program.

4. Freeskout

FREESKOUT is a digital influencer marketing platform and your one-stop shop for all influencer marketing demands.

You can simply communicate and interact with the influencer of your choosing at FREESKOUT based on your needs. You will get instant access to their market insights. Businesses like Restaurants, bars, clubs, fashion labels, technology brands, beauty products, fitness bloggers, gyms, nutritionists, and other businesses will benefit greatly.

5. Flytant

Flytant offers a platform for monetising your social media content by linking micro, macro, and all types of influencers with Brands.

Infleuncers can build a profile on Flytant and gain access to a variety of features to determine their social worth. Infleuncers can apply for brand deals to receive incredible sponsorship opportunities and monetize their social media content.

6. wobb

Wobb App is just what you need whether you want to bring value to people's lives, share genuine opinions about high-quality products, or simply entertain them with your ability and creativity.

Wobb allows you to browse active brands, Instagram and YouTube campaigns, and apply to the ones that interest you. Explore and discover amazing sponsored campaigns, produce fascinating content to partner with brands, and earn incredible guaranteed bonuses!

7. Do Your Thng (DYT)

Do Your Thng (DYT) is an influencer app that helps any social media creator in monetising their audience.

DYT is available to anyone. To be a part of the community, you don't have to be a big shot social media influencer. DYT is open to all artists, from those with less than 100 followers to micro-influencers, mid-tier influencers, and mega-celebrities.

Anyone can make money by selling creative content to promote their favourite businesses and causes. All you need is a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and the desire to make a difference in the world.

8. Kofluence

Anyone with a little or large social following and the ability to alter others' decision-making tactics can be a Kofluence influencer.

Monetize your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media content with fascinating and engaging content to generate money. Collaborate with top-tier and leading brands to give your unique perspectives to the product's voice for relevant campaigns, assisting customers in making the correct choice by presenting them with an opinion they can trust.

9. Viral Pitch

Viral Pitch is a suitable way to measuring all variables in the Influencer Marketing Space, with a single platform representing all influencer information for brand references.

They connect influencers with the most recent industry campaigns, allowing them to analyse, appraise, and pitch their offerings directly to brands. Not only does Viral Pitch benefit the brands, but it also makes influencer knowledge from their social media channels easily and understandable to the general public.

10. confluencr

confluencr is India's largest influencer marketing agency, having a network of influencers in 16 countries, including India. We work with 400+ major companies to help them change their business with Content Driven Influencer Solutions across Social Media Platforms.

It's so simple to find your next brand collaboration, discuss content ideas with their team, and grow with Confluencr. They provide influencers brand offers in exchange for cash, voucher coupons, or products.

11. Grynow

Grynow is Leading indian influencer marketing agency, connecting brands with influencers. They work with over 50,000 social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and content creators to execute influencer marketing campaigns. More than 200 leading businesses entrust us all with their brand marketing and development.

They provide a wide selection of collaboration options for major social media influencers such as Ticktock, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. Simply contact with them to know about more earning opportunities.

12. Qoruz

Qoruz connects brands directly with content creators without the use of an agency, allowing creators to have better relationships with brands and earn more through brand collaborations.

Qoruz is a content creator search engine with a large database of over 300,000 Unique Influencers from India. On a regular basis, they work on various projects with 600+ brands. As a result, a creator will have greater visibility to brands and may receive more brand campaigns than on any other platform in India.

13. is the fastest growing influencer marketing platform in India. An ROI-driven influencer marketing agency in India with over 70,000 content creators and influencers.

They help brands create quality content and increase exposure among target audiences by using 70,000 recognised digital influencers across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, Moj, TakaTak, and industry specific platforms through both online and app platform. Their marquee clients include Jaquar, Marks & Spencer, Khatabook, Indiabulls, Tata Cliq, Swiggy, Beardo, Unacademy, Boat Headphones, Himalaya Pharma, Tata Mutual, Pubg, Rummy Culture, Oziva, Man Matters,, and Naturals Salon, among others, with focus verticals of Retail, FMCG, consumer apps, BFSI, and ecommerce.

14. Budding Influencers

Budding Influencers is an influencer marketing platform that scales organisations to create a chain of online producers and customers. The primary task that focus on is curating the appropriate influencers for the right brand to reach the audience.

Budding Influencers serve as a connection between an influencer and a brand. The primary goal is to match the appropriate brand with the right influencer. On Instagram and YouTube, They work with a wide variety of Influencers, from nano to celebrity.

15. Opportune

Opportune is a platform for data-driven influencer marketing. Their objective is to empower companies to conduct effective influencer campaigns by using their pan-India creative network and technology platform.

Discover barter and paid collaborations from renowned brands and agencies at Opportune. Simply connect your Instagram account to us to create your influencer profile and media kit.

16. Chtrbox

Chtrbox is India's top platform for marketers to identify and collaborate with a diverse range of creative influencers.

They help influencers with campaigns and sponsorships from some of the greatest brands, agencies, and startups. This allows you to focus on what you do best: engage and expand your audience via great content.

17. Myhaulstore

Myhaulstore is one of India's leading personalised influencer marketing agencies, offering 24-hour service. Myhaulstore connects brands and influencers while also promising brand affinity and brand exposure for your products and services.

If you are an Influencer who is having difficulty obtaining brand partnerships, MHS can assist you. If you are an experienced Influencer, MHS can help you with expanding your reach and making managing your brand relationships much easier.

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms For Worldwide

What precisely is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that use influencers to increase brand sales and promote products to a bigger audience. Most influencers chosen for brand marketing have a big number of followers that they have earned via trust-building; hence, influencers are viewed as trustworthy experts who openly express their opinions.

This is why companies are increasingly relying on influencer marketing over other kinds of marketing, having realised that individuals are significantly impacted by second-hand information from opinion leaders.

What are the many types of influencers?

Based on their follower count, there are four types of influencers:

  • Nano influencers (1K–10K followers)
  • Micro-influencers (10K–100K followers)
  • Macro influencers (100K–1M followers)
  • Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers)

Most Popular Collaborations Types in India

  1. Barter Collaborations: A barter collaboration occurs when a company brand contacts an influencer to help promote its products in return for free product samples for the influencer to use. Instagram barter collaboration has grown to be the most common type of Instagram collaboration. The influencer gets the product for free, and in exchange, the brand receives a honest review (whether positive or negative) from the influencer.
  2. Paid collaboration: Creators can however profit from their efforts. Paid/sponsored partnership involves working with brands and services in exchange for monetary compensation. If the brand pays the social media influencer a certain amount of money, the collaboration is no longer a "barter" one. Rather, it is a compensated collaboration in which the brand pays the influencer for efficiently promoting their product or service and meeting their influencer marketing goals.

Send Money Via UPI and Get Cashback Best Indian Apps

Sending money to a friend or colleagues without knowing their bank account or ISFC (Indian Financial System Code) is no longer a Challenging task.

Making payments using the UPI services like Amazon Pay, Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe is both straightforward and rewarding, since the company gives cashback on every transaction.

Credit cards, debit cards, and Net Banking are all easy methods of payment, but adding UPI to the range of options makes it faster than any other method.

Using the UPI app is simpler than you would think. All you have to do is set up a new UPI account on the relevant app and start transferring money to your friends, shopping online, and making payments through third-party payment processors.

Make sure to take benefit of your new user registration bonus by transferring money to any UPI account or searching for a contact in your phonebook after creating UPI account.

List of Best UPI Cashback Apps in India |

1. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv UPI Cashback Apps

You can use the Bajaj Finserv app to apply for personal loans, house loans, gold loans, and other types of loans online. You can buy online from over a million products at no-cost EMI, manage your money, receive insurance, and much more.

The Bajaj Finserv app provides users with a cashback reward in exchange for using the app. They also provide UPI payments to friends and merchants. You will also receive a bonus on your first UPI transaction.

Bajaj Finserv UPI Referral Code: 7AHY3T

Signup Bonus: Rs. 50

Refer & Earn: Rs. 50

2. Cred

Cred UPI Cashback Apps

CRED has introduced a UPI-based scan-to-pay option for its customers on its platform, which will be linked to their bank accounts and will enable debit transactions via QR code scanning.

Rewards are also being used by the corporation to boost the use of its payment service. Users can earn cashback at participating stores or Cred points that can be redeemed in the real.

Cred customers will be able to receive double points on partner merchants, deals on marquee brands, cashbacks, and tailored experiences when paying with this option.

Pay your first bill of Rs. 1000 and win exciting rewards including a joining bonus of upto Rs. 250.

Signup Bonus: Rs. 1 - Rs. 1000

Refer & Earn: Rs. 1 - Rs. 1000

3. Paytm UPI

Paytm UPI Cashback Apps

Paytm app is a one-stop solution for all your daily requirements, and it also includes Paytm UPI. You can link your bank account to Paytm and send money to any UPI user or bank in a matter of seconds.

Paytm is well-known for offering cashback on shopping online, recharges, and bill payments. The same offer is valid with Paytm UPI. If you use Paytm, you can receive up to 750 in cashback when transferring or receiving money using UPI.

Send Rs. 1 or more to any UPI and you will receive a Rs. 100 scratch card.

Signup Bonus: Rs. 1 - Rs. 100

Refer & Earn: Rs. 1 - Rs. 100

4. MobiKwik UPI

MobiKwik UPI Cashback Apps

MobiKwik welcomes users to join their network and pay with UPI. As a result, they reintroduced the invite and earn offer. Only after our referred friend makes their first UPI payment through MobiKwik will we receive referral rewards.

If you are a new user and do not yet have a Mobikwik account, you may create one and access a wealth of offers on Mobile Recharges, Bill Payments, Credit Cards Bills, Travel Booking and lots more.

Send Rs. 25 to any Mobikwik UPI handle (@ikwik) and receive Rs. 25 back.

Signup Bonus: Rs. 25

Refer & Earn: Rs. 75

5. Amazon Pay UPI

Amazon Pay UPI Cashback Apps

You can sign up for UPI using the Amazon Android App and create your own UPI ID (for example, phonenumber@apl). You can connect it to your savings account and begin making payments on the Amazon app and other third-party apps/websites that allow UPI.

Send money using Amazon UPI to get Amazon Pay Cashback, Travel Offers, Shopping Offers, and Recharge Offers and lots more.

Send Rs. 10 or more to any UPI and you will receive a scratch card.

Amazon Pay UPI Referral Code: QSTF56

Signup Bonus: Rs. 1 - Rs. 100

Refer & Earn: Rs. 75

6. Freecharge

Freecharge UPI Cashback Apps

Freecharge UPI allows you to send money with a single tap. Scan any UPI QR code and use Freecharge to make a UPI payment.

Freecharge provides rewards on each UPI transaction made via scan and pay or to your contacts. As a new user, you will receive cashback on your first UPI transaction valued more than Rs. 50.

Freecharge UPI Referral Code: 92iMZh

Signup Bonus: Rs. 1 - Rs. 20

Refer & Earn: Rs. 20

7. PhonePe

PhonePe UPI Cashback Apps

With its offers and cashback, PhonePe has dominated the UPI market. Flipkart introduced PhonePe shortly after UPI started making waves in the industry.

PhonePe is an app that provides several payment methods for all of your online needs. With PhonePe, you can perform cell recharges and bill payments, use as a wallet to buy gift cards and movie tickets, and receive money back, direct discounts, and so on.

Send Rs. 1 or more to any UPI and you will receive a Rs. 100 Cashback.

Signup Bonus: Rs. 100

Refer & Earn: Rs. 200

8. Google Pay

Google Pay UPI Cashback Apps

Google Tej, now known as Google Pay, is one of GOOGLE's reliable and rewarding UPI Payment apps. They support practically every bank and provide an extra layer of security with pattern lock.

Google Pay not only supports UPI payments, but you can also pay your electric bill, mobile recharges and bill payments, movie tickets, and many more third-party payments directly from the app.

Google Pay Referral Code: 762lt

Signup Bonus: Rs. 1 - Rs. 100

Refer & Earn: Rs. 1 - Rs. 200

9. Payzapp

Payzapp UPI Cashback Apps

Payzapp Is A Complete Payment Solution That Allows You To Pay With Just One Click. You Can Link Any Bank's Debit And Credit Card To Payzapp And Enjoy The Most Convenient And Secure Payment Method.

Link any bank account and create a PayZapp UPI handle to make quick payments at shops, online shopping, ticket booking, online food delivery, and many more services at any time, to anybody, and from any location.

Make your first (Non-UPI) transaction with the referral code to receive Rs. 50 cashback.

Payzapp Referral Code: freebies

Signup Bonus: Rs. 50

Refer & Earn: Rs. 25

10. Yuva Pay

Yuva Pay UPI Cashback Apps

For all of your digital bill payments and recharges, YUVA PAY is the greatest financial inclusion app. It supports Mobile Wallet and BHIM UPI. You may effortlessly recharge your prepaid mobile phone and DTH, as well as pay your energy payments.

YUVA PAY is compatible with both internet and no-internet zones, as well as smart and basic phones. Money transfers between wallets and withdrawals from wallets to banks (for full KYC customers) may be done WITH OR WITHOUT THE INTERNET.

Get reward up to 2000 when you do minimum transaction (Non-UPI) Rs.100

Yuva Pay Referral Code: ENW95G

Signup Bonus: Upto 2000 Reward Points

Refer & Earn: Upto 2000 Reward Points

11. Fave

Fave UPI Cashback Apps

Fave is a savings app that provides quick cashbacks and rewards on UPI payments and Giftcard purchases. When you use Fave, you may get up to 40% cashback and interesting perks.

Fave app provides guaranteed rewards on all purchases made at Fave partner brands. Shop as usual, choose an item to pay for, use the Fave App to scan and pay, and get rewarded with cashback.

Get great benefits and rebates on every mobile payment at Fave partner brands, not just the first time. Simply scan, pay, and profit from every UPI transaction!

12. ICICI iMobile Pay

ICICI iMobile Pay UPI Cashback Apps

iMobile, the most complete and secure Mobile Financial app, accepts payments via the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and provides over 170 banking services on your smart phone.

Using the Unified Payment Interface, you may instantaneously pay and receive money from anybody (UPI Payments). Your UPI ID serves as your virtual identity for UPI payments. To complete all UPI transactions, enter your UPI PIN. View and use all of your accounts, including Loans, PPF, iWish, Insurance, Cards, Deposits, and ICICI FASTag.

Earn Extra 5000+ When You Shop Online

"Every penny saved is a penny earned," as the saying goes. Nothing beats earning cashback on every product you buy on your favourite shopping websites. This article will teach you how to collect cashback on every rupee you spend online.

Everyone enjoys shopping online, but many people have no idea how to save money on their purchases.

Cashback websites are becoming an increasingly popular way to save money while shopping online. These websites give not only cashbacks but also discount coupons for renowned e-commerce sites.

What exactly are cashback websites?

Cashback websites are those that are linked to shopping sites. When you use the cashback site to visit your favourite sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm and then make a shopping order, you will be rewarded for that activity. Best thing, You will not need to pay extra for that.

You will receive a different cashback amount depending on the shopping sites that provide different categories of products. Provided you have completed and ordered, your transaction will be tracked and you will be credited with cashback once the advertisers approve it.

Before you can withdraw your money to a bank or the other payment option, it will be put in pending mode. That is dependent entirely on the website and their terms; typically, payments are approved within 30-90 days. As a result, patients are required.

How do cashback websites works?

Cashback websites are a simple concept. Instead of going straight to a store, you use a link from a cashback website to reach a retailer's online store.

You continue to receive your product from the retailer, but you also earn money from the cashback website.

It is frequently a percentage of the entire amount paid.

The websites provide links to shops selling everything from groceries and cosmetics to insurance policies and mobile phones.

Is there a fee for cashback?

No, there is no fee to use cashback websites. Many individuals are concerned that these sites are a hoax - after all, free money does seem fishy.

They do, however, have a really clever business strategy that allows them to do so.

Cashback sites generate money by collecting a reward for referring customers to online stores, and you get a big portion of that profit (or, in some cases, all of it). Genius!

What can I do if my cashback/rewards did not track?

This could take anything from 5 minutes to 72 hours for your Cashback to be tracked by a cashback site.

You can check the status of your Cashback in the "My Earnings" section in most of the sites. However, if you made a purchase more than 3 days ago and haven't gotten a confirmation, then submit a ticket in the "Missing Cashback" section within 10 days of the transaction date.

List of Highest Paying Shopping Cashback Apps in India |

1. Cashkaro

Cashkaro is the best option among all cashback sites since it offers deals from over 1500+ websites. Cashkaro features a simple layout that allows you to access all of the top offers on the homepage. Simply search on your favourite website, click on any offer, and shop as usual.

Its partner sites include major online shopping platforms like as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and others, as well as online travel/hotel booking platforms such as MakeMyTrip,, FabHotels, and others, and online recharging sites. Users can transfer cashback to their bank account or exchange it for gift cards.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart)

2. Kickcash

KickCash is an All-in-One Cashback Coupons App that allows you to earn real money on all of your online orders from over 150+ stores and easily transfer the money to your Paytm Wallet, UPI, or any bank account.

Use KickCash for Cashback Offers to EARN REAL CASH in addition to the fantastic deals, offers, and discount coupons you barely shop. Also earn cashback on clothes, food, groceries, baby care products, beauty products, and so on. It offers the best Cashback on Flipkart, Myntra, TataCliq, and MakeMyTrip deals for Flights and Hotels.

Kickcash Referral Code: V05P99U5

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 20

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, UPI, Paytm Wallet

3. HappyCredit

Get instant cashback benefits with HappyCredit when you purchase at Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Pharmeasy, and other 100+ partners. They call it Aishback because earning cashback with HappyCredit is so simple.

After you sign up, you can search for your favourite online shopping websites, nearby restaurant offers, and spa and salon deals. Grab cashback benefits in seconds. Cashback is real money that can be sent to any bank with a simple tap.

Minimum Amount for Payment: None

Payment Options: Bank Transfer

4. Instabachat

Use the instabachat app to save money and earn maximum cashback. You will also receive Rs 50 as a joining bonus.

Instabachat not only allows customers to shop from various retailers, but it also offers cashback on each transaction. The cash back is easily tracked using the Instabachat wallet, and it can be withdrawn directly to your bank account once received.

Instabachat users can add preferred products to their wishlist, allowing them to manage products from many stores in one wishlist. Users are notified if there is a price decrease, special launch, or upcoming sales event that might save them money.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 249

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Paytm Wallet

5. Picodi

Picodi, based in Poland, was founded in 2010. It is currently present all over the world and is supported by a relationship with over 5,000 online stores. In addition to cashback benefits, the worldwide cashback platform offers discount codes. They are active and rewarded once consumers make a purchase from the listed online retailer.

Picodi's incentive system has been successful in 44 countries. There are two options in the shop for new users and those returning to the site for the first time. Spend at certain stores and you might get up to 30% of your money back.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 400

Payment Options: Bank Transfer

6. Zingoy

Zingoy is one of India's most popular cashback websites, allowing you to save money on all of your online purchases.

Zingoy has a variety of payment options, including top shopping sites gift cards (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Nykaa, Domino's, and so on).

Zingoy now brings you discounts and offers from over 200 retailers, including Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm, and BookMyShow; in addition to the typical deals and discounts.

Zingoy Referral Code: rehkan02

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. Rs. 100

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Domino's etc)

7. FreeKaaMaal

FreeKaaMaal is a one-stop shop for freebies, deals, offers, and coupons in the online shopping universe.

FreeKaaMaal provides cashback on purchases from popular retailers by presenting the most updated offers and up to 100% cashback.

You may use Freekaamaal as a cashback tool since they provide amazing money back on the market's leading online stores.

Freekaamaal Referral Code: 413665

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart)

8. TalkCharge

TalkCharge offers a variety of offers to help people get the most out of their shopping experience.

Paying your bills and shopping online with Talkcharge might save you hundreds of bucks a month. Wait for TalkCharge's Add Money offer to get more cashback on every top up.

Furthermore, they offer their own digital wallet where customers can get cashback as actual money which they can use to make recharges, utility bill payments, and even buy giftcards from brands such as Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Croma, and others.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 99

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, TalkCharge Wallet Transfer, Bill Payments and Recharge

9. CouponDunia

CouponDunia is the EASIEST and BEST option to save money while shopping online at over 2000+ sites like as Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq, Makemytrip, Pharmeasy, Myntra, BigBasket, Swiggy, and many more.

CouponDunia is one of the most established and trusted coupon and shopping deal websites. CouponDunia now allows registered users to earn cashback on any purchases made on their websites. Earn Extra cashback and make money by sharing CouponDunia deal links. Earn more by sharing more.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart), Online Recharge, Wallet Transfer (Amazon, Paytm)

10. Letyshops

Through Letyshops, you can shop at Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and over 3300 more stores and earn a portion of the money you spent back in the form of Cashback. The best thing is that this Cashback is real money.

Letyshops offers cashback on a wide range of products and services, from groceries and clothing to electronics and travel bookings. You can easily save up to Rs 30,000 per year by using the LetyShops App and Desktop Site, which is completely free to use.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, UPI, Paypal, Wallet Transfer (Amazon Pay, Paytm)

11. PaisaWapas

PaisaWapas stands out for its high-quality cashback service for its users. It offers the Quickest Cashback Withdrawal Service in India and is regarded as one of the biggest and fastest paying cashback websites.

PaisaWapas is one of the premier cashback apps in India, where you can get free mobile recharge , TV, electricity and utility bills coupons, among other things.. It  gives real money since the cashback is credited to your bank account and can be used anyway you see fit.

PaisaWapas Referral Code: ADMPN

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options:Bank Transfer, Mobile/DTH Recharge, Shopping Vouchers, UPI, Wallet Transfer (Amazon Pay, Paytm))

12. INRDeals

You can earn extra cashback when you purchase at Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Swiggy, and over 200 other top online stores in India.

The extra cashback is in addition to the existing discounts offered by the stores; to earn a cashback, simply create a free account at INRDeals, login and visit the merchant website via this app or desktop site, and you will earn extra cashback directly in your INRDeals account, which you can easily withdraw into your bank account!

INRDeals Referral Code: FREEBIES

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 500

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Vouchers, UPI

13. Go Paisa

Gopaisa is a cashback website that rewards you for shopping online at ecommerce sites. For example, if you visit and purchase any product from Flipkart using Gopaisa, you will receive a specified percentage of your purchase price as cashback in your Gopaisa account, which you can then use for online transfers to your bank account, mobile recharge, online site gift vouchers, and so on.

It is quite simple to make money with them. Simply sign up or login to your account, and then use your Gopaisa account to access the particular eCommerce site (where you wish to buy something). You must then complete your transaction as you would on any other ecommerce site.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart), E-Wallet Transfer (Paytm, Mobikwik), Mobile Recharge

14. Hyyzo

Hyyzo is a cashback website centred on the concept of the joy of giving. This website features stores in categories ranging from food to travel and apparel and provides you 100% of the rewards it collects from its affiliate partners. When you shop with Hyyzo, you will get a percentage of your total bill as cashback within the specified time frame. You may earn money from Hyyzo in a variety of methods, including refer and earn, profit links, and tasks.

The site includes a unique task-based approach that allows you to complete activities and earn payback in the form of Hyyzo Diamonds, where 1 Hyyzo Diamond = 1. You can also use them to fund your bank account.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, UPI, Wallet (Paytm)

15. CashBackPe

CashBackPe is India's fastest growing online shopping community and one of the most notable cashback websites, where you can earn up to 100% cashback on purchases from e-commerce sites such as Nykaa, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, and Snapdeal.

CashBackPe allows you to save more money than any other cashback or deal website. CashBackPe ensure that their consumers receive the highest cashback and exclusive deals from our online partners. Coupons for Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, MakeMyTrip, and many other stores are updated daily.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 200

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Gift Card (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra), UPI, Wallets (Paytm)

16. CashbackDuniya

For each transaction made via CashbackDuniya, they receive a commission from merchants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Domino's, and others, and they provide more than 80% of this commission to their users as cashback. And they deposit the cashback into our users' bank accounts.

CashbackDuniya Makes It Simple for Students, Housewives, and Resellers to Make Money. CashbackDuniya is also used by many influencers to monetize their product recommendations and networks.

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Wallets (Paytm)

17. CashCry

CashCry is a rewards and discovery platform that allows users to earn cashback. It also offers merchants performance-based marketing. It works with merchants in a variety of industries, including general merchandise, travel bookings, fashion, health and beauty, groceries, and food delivery.

CashCry is compatible with practically every online shopping site you are familiar with. With this small change in your buying habits, you may save hundreds of rupees each month from CashCry App.

CashCry Referral Code: MPDS1W

Minimum Amount for Payment: Rs. 250

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Wallets (Paytm)

18. Xerve

Xerve is India's first multi-category marketplace, bringing together all items and services such as furniture, fashion, travel, sports, food, and health. You can perform window shopping, price comparison, and learn about daily bargains, unique offers, and cashback at Xerve without wasting time searching for them on many websites.

Xerve provides coupons for a variety of products from various companies. Redeeming those coupons will allow you to receive some fantastic discounts and cashback.

The online platform allows you to compare prices and offers and choose the best one for yourself.

Minimum Amount for Payment: None

Payment Options: Bank Transfer

Best Shopping Cashback Sites For Worldwide Users

Get paid to do task make money work from home

GPT websites are a simple way to earn money online for free. You will earn money by completing free offers on a GPT site. There isn't any catch. Simply follow the TOS, meet the requests, and you'll get rewarded every month.

GPT stands for Get Paid To. GPT sites provide an opportunity to users to earn money in various ways like completing paid surveys, reading emails, viewing videos, visiting Websites, clicking on ads, downloading apps, signing up to the website, filling forms and many other ways.

There are many GPT websites available that pay users from worldwide, including India. So, here is the opportunity for all Indian users to earn passive income from top GPT sites in India.

How Do GPT Websites Work?

The concept behind GPT sites is clear cut: advertisers provides trial offers, surveys, videos to watch, and other services that GPT sites then provide to its users via their platform.

When their members join in these, they receive a portion of the income generated by the GPT website. GPT sites are attractive ways to make additional income online since many methods to earn rewards are by doing activities you would typically do online anyway.

How to Receive More Offers to Try

So many people join GPT sites and get disappointed when all offers fail to complete. They eventually give up before they've even earned enough for their first cash out.

It's important to remember that no one has a perfect clear rate. This is not the fault of the GPT site; rather, it is the consequence of the company that paid to have the offer displayed. They either failed to pay the GPT site for their advertising space (which implies the GPT lacks the funds to pay you), or the company claimed that you did not finish the offer correctly.

A typical clear rate for offers on most GPT sites is about 60%. If your computer's security settings are set to high, you may notice a clean rate of approximately 40%. GPT sites are still a simple and legitimate method to make money.

There are steps you must do for your offers to be accepted by GPT sites. They are as follows:

  • Clear your cookies before attempting to access any offer. After completing each offer, clear your cookies. You may also try incognito mode from your browser.
  • Keep the offer's last page open for at least 5 minutes. Even if you finish it correctly, if you close it immediately, it may not be clear.
  • Don't make a ton of offers with a single GPT at once. My general rule of thumb is to take on around ten offers at a time. Then I go to another site for a bit.
  • Don't forget to hit the "submit" button. After completing the task, most GPT sites need you to make an offer.

So, let's try the best GPT Legitimate GPT Sites in India that pay in Indian rupee.

List of GPT Websites for India & Worldwide |

1. ySense

Making money online has proven to be a difficult and time-consuming endeavour for many people. However, this is not a difficult task because there are several opportunities available online. ySense is a website where you may find such opportunities to earn money. In short, making money online using ySense is easy.

ySense is a GPT (Get Paid To) website where you can earn money for completing surveys, tasks, and even shopping. These incentives are often credited to your ySense account, where they may be cashed out via payment processors such as Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, gift cards, and so on.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 250

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Big Bazaar Gift Card, Reward Link India, Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill, Etc.

2. LootUp

LootUp is a rapidly growing GPT website that allows users to earn points that can be redeemed for cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), gift cards, and cash (via PayPal) by watching videos, taking quizzes, surveys, entering contests, playing games, shopping at your favourite stores, and participating in other online activities.

Every task will earn you lootup points, with 1000 lootup points equaling $1. Once you earn 1000 points, you may redeem them via PayPal, gift cards, and a number of other methods.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 25

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Reward Link India, Cryptocurrency, Visa Prepaid Gift Card, Paypal, Etc.

3. Freecash

FreeCash is the fastest growing platform for generating money online from anywhere in the world. The website works in the same way as a get-paid-to (GPT) site, providing a variety of activities for users to complete in exchange for prizes such as gift cards and cash.

The goal of Freecash is to create a self-evolving decentralized cash system. Users may earn $1.00 for every 5 to 10 minute offer and receive payment in bitcoin, gift cards, or PayPal promptly.

Minimum Payout: $5

Payout Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, CS:GO skins, Gift cards

4. ZoomBucks

Zoombucks is a rewarding site similar to Swagbucks, where you can take surveys, play games, view videos, and use it as a search engine to earn points toward gift cards.

Zoombucks is legitimate, and it's a great way to earn a little extra money every month or even every week. It is not as streamlined and user-friendly as Swagbucks, but it is simple to join up for and get started.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 500

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Reward Link India, Croma, Bookmyshow, Visa Prepaid Gift Card, Paypal, Etc.

5. Swagbucks is a website that gives its users credit in the form of "Swagbucks" (commonly known as "SB"s for short) for participating in various activities on the site. The easiest method is to receive cashback on online shopping.

Several online retailers have collaborated with Swagbucks to provide customers with x number of SB for every rupee spent. Other options include surveys where you receive credit for your opinion, web searches, viewing videos, or playing games.

Minimum Payout: 800 SB (Rs. 500)

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Payoneer, Paypal, Etc.

6. Earnably

Earnably is a website that pays ad income to website members in the form of PayPal cash and gift cards in exchange for doing basic activities like taking surveys and viewing videos.

The simplest method to earn money online with Earnably is to view videos through their Adscend Media partnership. The process of creating an account and receiving rewards is straightforward. The expertise needed for this is relatively simple computer skills that most individuals can perform.

Minimum Payout: 60 Points (Rs. 25)

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Big Bazaar Gift Card, Bookmyshow, Lifestyle, Uber India, Paypal Etc.

7. instaGC

InstaGC is a site that pays you with instant gift cards for completing simple activities.

It's an excellent way to earn money online by taking surveys, viewing videos, testing apps, and performing other things that often take no more than 15 minutes.

While many other sites provide rewards for completing surveys, InstaGC differentiates itself by offering additional opportunities to members.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 500

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, ADAMIS, Etc.

8. GptBee

GPTbee is a Get-Paid-To site, as the name indicates, that is available globally. The site's business is based in India; however, people worldwide are welcome to join.

As a GPT site, GPTbee has various methods to earn, so let's go over all of the alternatives it has and how great each of the methods is, so you can see whether it has what you're looking for.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 350

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Bank Transfer

9. Timebucks

TimeBucks is a website where you may earn money in a number of ways. This is also known as a GPT (get-paid-to) site.

One thing to keep in mind is that TimeBucks is always evolving and adding new opportunities to earn money. They may also abandon approaches if they are proven useless.

Minimum Payout: $10

Payout Options: Payeer, Skrill, Bank Transfer, AirTM, Cryptocurrency

10. GG2U

GG2U is a high-paying rewards program for gamers and anyone looking to make money online.

You can make money by playing computer/phone games, doing surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. They welcome signups from virtually every country, unlike many other programs.

You will get 'GG2U Coins,' which will be credited to your account balance at a rate of 100 GG2U Coins = $1.00. You have the option of being paid by PayPal or eGift Cards.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 500

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Croma, Visa Prepaid Gift Card, Paypal, Etc.

11. ThinkOpinion

ThinkOpinion aims to give High Paying Surveys to people worldwide and is always willing to help its members. If you want to make the most of your free time by doing surveys for gift cards, join the ThinkOpinion network.

ThinkOpinion is run by the Paid Surveys Market Research Company in India. They have already paid out hundreds of dollars to members who are actively helping the company grow by conducting surveys and redeeming free rewards and gift cards.

Minimum Payout: 80 Points

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Big Bazaar Gift Card, Myntra Gift card, Etc.

12. Cinchbucks

There are numerous ways to make money online, but only a few are free, trustworthy, and easy. One of those few ways is Cinchbucks.

You may receive 50CB right away by installing the Cinch Addon on your desktop. Cinch Addon may also be used to get survey alerts. As a result, you may take the surveys whenever you want. You may also add CB codes directly from the Addon, eliminating the need to access the site anytime you discovered a CB code.

Minimum Payout: 1000 Points

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Paytm, Westside Gift Card, UPI, Play Store Gift Card, Master Card Gift Card, Visa Gift Card Etc.

13. Rewards1

Rewards1 is a well-known GPT (Get Paid To) website that pays its members for doing simple tasks.

Points are converted to real-world currency (1 point = $0.01) and may be used on a number of rewards, including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and Paypal gift cards, Stream, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft gaming cards, and even contacting them for a one-of-a-kind award.

Minimum Payout: $5

Payout Options: Paypal, Gift Cards, Game Codes, Prepaid Visa/Master Card

14. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is accessible for desktop, Android, and iOS, and the sign-up process is the same and fairly simple for all. Anyone can join FeaturePoints because it is available worldwide. Anyone above the age of 13 is welcome to participate.

Making money with FeaturePoints is a popular trend right now. There are several ways to earn money online, including surveys, app downloads, cashback on shopping, watching videos, cash offers, referral income, and many others.

Minimum Payout: Rs.100

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Paypal, Etc.

15. GrabPoints

GrabPoints offers various basic online tasks, the most popular of which is undoubtedly answering surveys. You gain points for each activity you complete, which you can later exchange for cash or gift cards.

Your earnings can be redeemed as cash (through PayPal) or as one of several gift cards (which is sent via email).

Minimum Payout: 1,200 points (Rs. 500)

Payout Options: Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card, Reward Link India, Croma, Bookmyshow, Visa Prepaid Gift Card, Paypal, Etc.

Best Active Freebies Giveaway Competition In India To Enter and Win Real Cash

Everyone likes freebies and the opportunity to win them. There have been no questions. That is why contests, sweepstakes, and other giveaways are so appealing. You don't have to put up much work, and you can simply sit back, relax, and see whether you win.

Entering free contests is a hobby for some individuals, and it's simple to understand why. After all, if you're going to enter a giveaway that provides you free stuff, why not?

Contests and competitions can take any shape. From social media contests to referring friends, there's something for everyone. The more you participate in a contest, the better your chances of winning.

With hundreds of competitions and giveaways offered on a daily basis by various businesses in India, this is the place to be. It is entirely free and provides amazing prizes for you to win.

How Do Online Contests Works?

It depends on who is hosting the sweepstakes or contests, but you will almost always be required to fill out a digital form. Your entry will be chosen at random or assessed for eligibility by a specialized panel.

Be ready to include your details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Mailing address

Depending on the nature of the contest, you may also be required to fill out extra information. Some may give you an open-ended question to which you must reply in the form of an essay, or they may have you fill out a survey.

This page will be periodically updated. Therefore bookmark this page for future contests reminders 🔔

List of Best Live Online Contest in India to Take a Part and Win Amazing Prizes |
  1. 📌 Amazon Daily Spin and Win Contests
  2. 📌 Flipkart Gamezone - Play and Win Supercoins and Cash Prizes
  3. 📌 Park+ App - Win Daily 1 Litre Petrol By Playing Quiz and Other Games
  4. Take part in Har Savari, Hamari Zimmedari Contest and stand a chance to win vouchers worth Rs. 1000
  5. Answer question correctly and get a chance to win cool Hettich merchandise
  6. Times Special InQuizitive Quiz Offer - Participate and Win Free Vouchers
  7. Redcliffe Labs Rakshabandhan Contest - Share Rakhi memory and stand a chance to win an Amazon Voucher worth Rs 500
  8. Participate in Mindjjo Contest and chance to win an Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 1000
  9. GYFTR Rakhi Giveaway Contest - Winner Gets E-pay Vouchers
  10. ISIC India Rakshabandhan Contest - Stand a Chance to win fabulous Amazon Vouchers worth INR 5000
  11. WIN Rohto Eye Drops products for FREE
  12. Thums Up ICC 2023 Contest - Win Free Match Tickets & Merchandise
  13. Play Tata Gluco+ Game & Win Free Amazon Voucher
  14. Play Croma KBC Quick 5 Quiz & Win Croma vouchers worth Rs. 10,000
  15. Malkist Biscuits Cashback Offer - Get Upto Rs. 50 Cashback From Malkist Cheese Biscuits Purchase
  16. Play Jelimals Running Space Game & Win Free Laser Shooter, Drawing Pad etc.
  17. Play Pedigree Clean the Bowl Challenge & Win Rs. 20,000 worth Prizes
  18. Join Rajasthan Tourism Photography Contest and Prizes Up to Rs. 1Lacs
  19. Take part in the Solve With ManipalCigna Health Insurance Contest and stand a chance to win Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000
  20. Colgate Smiles Club - Stand a chance to Win Free Glucometer
  21. Colgate Smiles Club - Stand a chance to win a smartphone
  22. FirstCry Parenting iPhone 12 Grand Giveaway Contest
  23. Kotak Mutual Fund Contest - Participate to win Amazon vouchers
  24. Mastertrust Independence Day celebration Contest - chance to win a voucher worth rupees 1500
  25. Tasty Dairy Independence Day Contest - Participate on Daily Contest and get a chance to win an exciting gifts
  26. Cofsils Sore Throat Fix Contest
  27. Jivo Wellness Selfie with Tringa Contest
  28. Cambly India Independence day Contest - Get a chance to win Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 2500
  29. Economic Times Independence Day Daily Quiz
  30. Hindustan Ultra Care Independence Day Daily Contest - Stand a chance to win an Amazon Voucher worth Rs.500
  31. Navneet India Patriotic Pathshala Contest - Participate to win an Amazon Voucher
  32. Participate in the click and win contest by Delhi Police and get a surprise box

Some of The Popular Contests Types

Contests may be held in a variety of ways and in a multitude of channels, with the topic of each event being different. Even so, there are several typical strategies used by contest organizers, which are listed below.

Tag-a-Friend Contest

to increase the number of people that follow their social media accounts The majority of businesses hold this kind of contest in order to attract more users. Such contests may be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where users must tag a friend in the comment section to register their entry.

A Selfie Contest

Take a selfie with a contested topic in mind. The contest will be won by the finest and most innovative entry.

Video & Photo Contests

These contests are for those who like sharing their visual talent. When you enter these contests, you must upload a photo or video according to the contests rules. The best entry will be selected as the winner.

Quiz Contests

The majority of social media contests are of this type. The contest organizer asks basic questions to the participants and selects a winner at random.

Cross-Platform Contest

Cross-platform competitions are social media contests in which you must follow, like, or subscribe to their accounts on several social media networks in order to gather all points.

Lucky draw contest

Many of our campaigns include a "lucky draw." This type of terminology might be daunting for players who do not participate in contests on a regular basis. The notion of a lucky draw, on the other hand, is simple. Participating in a campaign and having your name placed into a fortunate draw is also rewarding.

Cash prize competitions for Students

To support the education section, various types of competitions are conducted for students to participate in and earn real cash. These sorts of competitions are more frequently connected to education. Students must participate in online quizzes, Q&A sessions, math competitions, and other activities.

Rewards can take the shape of real cash, gift vouchers, merchandise, goodies, gadgets, free memberships, scholarships, and a variety of other things.

Social Media Contests

One of the most common ways to run a contest is through social media. Billions of people use social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and many other sites popular in their region on a regular basis.

These contests are quite popular among people since they are simple to enter.

Most brands announce new contests on their pages, which are usually launched in conjunction with a festive event or a special occasion.

Kids & Baby Competition

Kids contests are quite popular since mom and dad are looking for them as well. The majority of baby product selling companies are aggressively promoting these short-term contests to give away free items to their customers.

Contests can include co-curricular activities, DIY, photo contests, video contests, painting contests, innovative ideas, and so on.

Contest prizes for winners

Prizes for contests might be in the form of cash, digital gadgets, gift vouchers, or brand-name products, depending on the contest organizer.

You may also find more information about the rewards in the complete terms and conditions part of the contest description section.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning a Contest

  • Understand the Concept
  • Follow the Rules
  • Participate More Often
  • Use Both Mobile & Desktop
  • Track Your Winning
  • Watch out for Scams
  • Work the Odds

Best Free Product Trials in India

Searching for Free Sample Products in India? In this article, You will find out about Free Samples, Trial Offers, Giveaways, Gift Hampers, Free Cash and Many Top Freebies Offers.

Who doesn't want a freebie now and then, particularly when it comes from a reputable brand that is only one click away?

Samples and freebies will not make you rich or pay your bills, but they are an excellent way to try new products while saving money.

Numerous brands in India like to offer a free sample of products to their customers as a free trial before they buy a product. This is a fantastic way to give the consumer a bite to eat, so they can try it before they buy.

The distribution of free samples has become one of the most effective marketing strategies today.

On the one hand, it represents a customer loyalty act in which the client feels pampered by the company and continues to choose that brand; on the other hand, it indicates an act of defiance. 

On the other hand, it is easy to contact many potential clients who can try products for free, remain satisfied, and choose that company, becoming permanent consumers.

Most companies prefer a sample marketing strategy to launch their new products with their customers to expand their products range.

Applying for free sample products is an easy process. You need to fill out a simple form with all your details such as name, address, mobile number, email, etc.

Various brands offer different products sample that limits various gender, age group, geo, and many other aspects.

List of Best Free Sample Products in India Available From Various Brands |
  1. 📌 Get Free Goodies From Nikon School | Join Nikon School to Participate in Nikon Loyalty Program and Get Free Key Chain, Cap, Defiant Jacket etc.
  2. 📌 Get MyGlamm FREE Lipstick + 7 Other Beauty Products
  3. 📌 Get Freebies Like Backpack, Cap, Mugs, Notebook from The Zap Digest
  4. 📌 Smytten Products Trials - Get Free 6 Branded Products Samples
  5. 📌 Get Rs. 150 Free PayTM Cash by Writing a review of the society/locality You live in (99acres)
  6. 📌 Free Sample Products Trial Promocode From Amazon India
  7. 📌 Pincode App Grand Freedom Sale - Get Rs.100 Cashback on Rs.199 in Food and Grocery orders for New Users
  8. Ecovani Organics Frebies - Get Waterless Facewash for $1
  9. Try Brillare Products for Free | Only Pay for Shipping | Apply Code TRYBRL at Checkout
  10. Survey Page | Product Page - Get a FREE Sample of Lineal Deodorant
  11. Get a free sample of VedHabit Chocolate Milk Mix.
  12. Get Zlade FREE Razor by Filling a Survey
  13. Get a free sample of ORCO's Organic Masala.
  14. Get Free BIOTIN Tablet (20 Each) Berry From LifeZen | | Apply Code JUST@1 at Checkout
  15. Get FREE Maxprotein Taster Cookies
  16. Get 4 Premium Products for FREE From Yotobox
  17. Get Nestle CEREGROW Grain Selection Free Sample
  18. Shop for Rs. 799 and get 2 Products Free Worth Rs. 1298 | Apply Code MEGAOFFER at Checkout
  19. Get Born Good Home Cleaners Trial Pack of 4 Products for FREE
  20. Claim Free Products from Everteen for filling a Health & Hygiene Survey
  21. Get Free Attar Sample Kit of 3 Premium Attars From Sirat Perfumes
  22. Get Zoff's Starter Spices Kit - Pack of 4 | Apply Code ZOFF129 at Checkout
  23. PUER Floor Cleaner 500 ml Pack For FREE | Apply Code FCLN500MLAT1 at Checkout
  24. Meowgirl FREE Samples - Claim Any One Product at Rs. 1
  25. Get Free Samples of BioAyurveda Products
  26. Moraze London Beauty Products Sample for FREE | Apply Code MRZLDN93J60GF at Checkout to Get Rs. 399 Off
  27. Free Sample of Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets from PFC Foods
  28. Tru Hair and Skin Free Serum Sample | Apply Code FSKSER at Checkout
  29. Organic Harvest Free Vitamin C Home facial Kit Worth Rs. 345
  30. Baby Chakra Lip Balm Survey - Get a Free Rs.349 Worth Lip Balm Duo
  31. Free Rs.100 By Streaming Music For The First Time in Amazon Prime Music App
  32. Amazon Audible 30 Days Free Trial Offer - Get Free 3 Free eBooks | Cancel Anytime Before Renews automatically
  33. Plum try before you buy Offer - Only Pay Shipping + Get Free Voucher | You will receive 500 plum points worth Rs. 50 signup bonus
  34. FREE St.Botanica Shampoo Worth Rs.359
  35. The moms co Natural Vitamin C Face Wash Worth Rs. 298 (FREE)
  36. FREE Sirona Refreshing Intimate Wash by Completing Survey
  37. Free Polident Denture Fixative Cream Sample
  38. Free Sample of Nestlé Nangrow
  39. Free Sample of Nestlé Lactogrow
  40. PUER Home Care Kit Sample
  41. Get Free Box of Samples from MOJO BOX
  42. Crocs Student Offer - Get Free Rs. 500 Gift Voucher
  43. Try Home Tester Club's Free Products
  44. Get free sample of baby products from Littloo
  45. Free sample of Seni Adult Diaper Packs
  46. Free pH Test Kit from Sebamed
  47. Free Gillette Razor From P&G For College Students
  48. Free Gillette Sample From P&G For Girls
  49. Free Herbal Products Samples From Eurekalabs
  50. Free Sample of Nicotex Gums | Send a Message on Facebook Page and Request for Free Sample
  51. Free Huggies NewBorn Wonderpants Diapers (Pack of 2)
  52. Chance to win Miracle Mom Special welcome kit for mothers
  53. FREE Zandu StriVeda Lactation Supplement Sample
  54. Free Knorr Masala Mix Samples Product for Professional Chefs
  55. Free Dog Food Sample By IAMS
  56. Free Sample Of Cat & Dog Food from Drools
  57. Get Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits Samples Free
  58. Get Free Whiskas Cat Food Sample
  59. Get Free Sample Of Purina Supercoat
  60. Get a Free Sample sachet of PreEvent Advanced Hangover Recovery Drink
  61. FREE Hard Water Softener Demo Kit by D'cal
  62. Free Retaining Ring and Wave Spring Samples
  63. Get a Free Sample of Iscon Balaji Foods products
  64. Free trial for 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear


How can I receive free product samples in India?

We've put up a list of free sample product offers that have been hand-picked just for you.

You only need to fill out the form and wait for the goodies to arrive at your door. Some items may take longer to arrive owing to shipping from an overseas country.

What are the Top Brands in India That Provide Free Samples?

Many major brands provide free sample offerings directly on their websites or through social networking platforms. While some companies have partnered with a third-party network that provides free samples to customers directly.

Some of the Top Brands are Mama earth, Auraa, MyGlamm, Ponds, Smytten, VLCC, St.Botanica, Slurrp, Plum, Mcaffeine, Mother Sparsh, 24 Mantra, Lybrate, Colgate, Kama Ayurveda, Gillette, Bausch And Lomb, Sebamed, Dabur, Huggies, Zandu, Knorr, Vaayu Organic, and many other.

What are the most popular free sample categories?

You'll discover beauty products, fashion items, pets, luxuries, meals, make-up, lipsticks, industrial supplies, herbs, household goods, baby's products, mum's products and many others in virtually any category.

Will I Get Free Home Delivery?

The majority of the free sample offerings include free home delivery. whereas other websites may charge you nominal delivery charges