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Get paid to write a software review

Just like when you buy products from online shopping sites, you first look at the product review and rating, similarly software reviews are vital for businesses to pick the best one for their needs.

Many software review companies are focusing on this and urging customers to post reviews about previous products they used and receive rewards (Amazon Gift Cards starting from $5 to $50) for each approved review.

If you use any software, like Google Products such as Gmail, Google Cloud, Excel, Google Adsense, or any other Free or Premium version, you will receive a free gift card such as an Amazon Gift Card, a Visa/Master Card Voucher, or any other specified cards for writing a software review.

Suggestions and Tips for Reviewers

  • You must have a LinkedIn profile or a work email address (Gmail, msn, yahoo not allowed)
  • Complete your profile with all of the information about your past and current professions
  • Don't copy and paste from another website
  • Be honest about how well you know the product and how you used it
  • Try to counter all of the positives with an equal number of negatives
  • Before clicking "Submit," go over your review again to look for any omissions or typos
  • When requested, provide a screenshot of your profile dashboard. Simply letting them know that you used this product

How much money can I earn and how will I get paid?

If you are a continuous reviewer, you will be reimbursed on a regular basis with Amazon gift cards or other gift cards. Per verified review, the gift card value can range from $5 to $50.

Gift cards are country-specific, with the majority of software reviews companies offering them in the local currency of your region.For example, if you live in India, you will receive gift cards from Amazon India, Flipkart, Myntra, and other retailers.

How do I be invited to paid reviews?

Well, not all reviews are incentivized to the reviewer. You needed invitation link to write a review and get paid.

The best way to get invited is to write a honest first review, and once approved, you will receive regular opportunities for paid reviews through email. You can also get paid review links from users contacted by the software review company and through your company's social media pages.

So, let's take a look at some of the top software reviews companies pay for writing a software review.

1. G2

G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is a platform that provides software reviews. Just like you would read Google reviews before going to a new café. Similarly, when it comes to software, customers turn to G2 to see if it has good reviews or not.

G2 rewards reviewers between $10 and $50 for each validated review. They pay users in their local currency in the form of gift cards all around the world.

G2 Paid Reviews Invitation Links:

2. Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner is another website you've undoubtedly came across. This website if you use a lot of software products.

Gartner is a leading source of technology and software reviews. The purpose is to assist people in making informed decisions about the products they use. Despite the fact that you are only allowed to write 10 reviews each year, the company pays you around $25 for each successful review.

Gartner Paid Reviews Invitation Links:

3. Capterra

You've undoubtedly came across Capterra when looking for evaluations of certain products, such as software packages. You can also be paid for writing reviews for them.

On Capterra, you are paid around $10 for each accepted review. Because they are one of the industry's key players, they carefully evaluate all of their reviews to ensure they satisfy their standards.

4. Software Reviews

Software Reviews offers $10 for the first review and $5 for each subsequent review that is approved.

They are one of the earliest review sites to verify your review. Because the review questions are simple to answer. You can write a maximum of ten reviews every month to get compensated.

Software Reviews Paid Reviews Invitation Links:

5. GetApp

GetApp is a great site to review Review Business Software, and even better, if your first eligible review is published, you can get $10 free.

To be approved, your review must follow the Community Guidelines and pass the validation, quality, and non-duplication checks. Your review must be approved in order to be eligible for a $10 gift card. This promotion is restricted to one review per person.

6. TrustRadius

TrustRadius provides a platform for software developers to distribute their apps. It allows businesses to reach a broader audience of people who are seeking for answers.

The TrustRadius staff is continuously on the lookout for software reviews. You will get $25 to $50 in Amazon or Visa gift cards for each review. They will offer you review invitations through email on a regular basis if you consistently write reviews on TrustRadius.

TrustRadiuss Paid Reviews Invitation Links:

7. Crozdesk

For writing product reviews on Crozdesk, you can earn Gift Cards and Gift Cards.

They run qualifying promotions as part of their qualifying campaigns. If you meet the criteria, each user review you leave could earn you US$5.00 or GB£5.00 in gift cards (up to a maximum of 5). You must be based in the United States or the United Kingdom, and you can only redeem gift cards in your location's local currency.

8. SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is a software platform that helps enterprises, organisations, and professionals in choosing the best software solutions.

If you have previously used any software, you can earn money by providing a review. Unlike other sites, SoftwareSuggest may request an invoice for software you recently used.

9. SourceForge

SourceForge is an open source software community resource dedicated to ensuring the success of open source projects.

If you want to get paid for writing reviews, SourceForge is the place to go. Write a review on the software you used, and you will receive new review invitations on a regular basis.

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