Best Scholarships for Students in India (2024)

Best Scholarship Programs for Indian Students

Scholarships for school and university education are provided by the government and other organizations to make education as accessible as possible for students, particularly low-income students.

The expense of education is always rising, forcing academically talented students from low-income households to drop out of high school and college. Even if they are talented in school, some of these individuals abandon their goals of pursuing further education.

You have access to a broad range of scholarships for furthering your education, including merit-based, means-based, talent-based, sports-based, and so on. You can learn more about several forms of scholarships.

Type Scholarship Programs for Indian Students in India

  • Means-Based Scholarships: These are designed to meet the needs of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and are often classified based on yearly family income.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships: These take both academic merit and financial need into account.
  • Scholarships for Talented Students: Talent in the disciplines of music, art, and dance is acknowledged, and scholarships are available to keep you from clipping your ambition wings and letting them rise.
  • Sports Scholarships: Winning a scholarship based on success in a certain sport is impressive. You should be aware that you are eligible for several athletic scholarships.
  • Women-Centric Scholarships: With a strong emphasis on empowering women, a variety of scholarships are available to girls based on academic performance or financial need.
List of Best Scholarships for Students in India |
  1. National Scholarship by Government of India
  2. Vidyasaarathi Scholarships
  3. Right To Education (RTE)
  4. Amazon Scholarship and Internship
  5. Google Scholarships
  6. Buddy4Study Scholarship Platform for Indian Students
  7. Aditya Birla Group Scholarships
  8. AMP Scholarship Fund
  9. AICTE Scholarship Scheme
  10. Combined Counselling Board (CCB) Scholarship
  11. GIIS Education Scholarships for Students in Ahmedabad

How to Apply for Scholarships Online?

Given advancements in technology, most scholarship endorses now enable students to apply for scholarships online. While the application procedure may differ by step, the general online application process includes scholarship registration, student login, modifying the data, document upload, and final submission.

When is the best time for a student to apply for a scholarship?

The deadline for applying for each award varies depending on the scholarship. As a result, students must keep track of the scholarships for which they wish to apply. For example, whether you wish to apply for a Gujarat scholarship or a scholarship through the National Scholarship Portal, you must stay up to beat on their application deadlines. Students should go to the official website for more information and important dates.

What documents are needed for a scholarship application?

The documents required throughout the application process differ from scholarship to scholarship. However, some frequent documents that students should maintain on hand are as follows:

  • Certificate of Caste/Category (if applicable)
  • Income certification
  • Certificate of domicile (if applying for a state-specific scholarship)
  • Academic transcripts and prior qualifying examination certificates
  • Identity proof
  • Aadhaar card
  • Photograph

What are the possibilities of a student receiving the scholarship amount after applying?

Students' chances of being chosen for a scholarship are determined by their eligibility and selection criteria. A scholarship application does not ensure that the students will get the award amount. Each scholarship has its unique set of criteria that are used to make the decision. It might be based on merit, financial resources, or both. The ultimate decision is made by the selection committee of the different scholarships.

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