5 Best Mystery Shopping Websites in India for Making Money 2023

Top Mystery Shopping Companies in India That Pays Money

Many people, strangely, are unaware of mystery shopping. It goes by numerous names depending on where you are in the world: secret shopping, research shopping, mystery consumer, and several others.

It's a crucial tool in the market research armory, providing much-needed solutions to problems posed by many different companies.

What exactly is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a technique for evaluating the quality of services. It can be used to assess product quality, customer service, or staff performance. The organization or management selects test customers to evaluate the quality of their own service.

To acquire an accurate picture of the situation, the mystery shopper must not be identified as a shopper and must act like a normal the customer. The purpose of the secret shopping is to determine whether the company's quality requirements are reached and personnel are following procedure.

Different kinds of mystery shopping

  • In-person secret shopping is popular in sectors such as retail and restaurants. Mystery shoppers go to a company and engage with personnel as if they were customers. This kind is frequently used to assess how well personnel offer service and how well the company performs from the standpoint of the consumer.
  • Telephone mystery shopping is used in call centers and other sectors where the telephone is an important aspect of the consumer experience. For example, a telecoms corporation may utilize telephone mystery shopping to assess how well its call center personnel manage consumer calls.
  • Hybrid mystery shopping entails mystery shoppers following a consumer throughout their full trip. This sort of mystery shopping is popular due to its ability to provide a World-Class Customer Experience. A hotel, for example, can use hybrid mystery shopping to assess all parts of the customer's experience, from check-in through checkout.

Lets look at the Best Mystery Shopping Websites in India for Making Money Online

1. Ipsos Mystery Shopping

Ipsos Mystery Shoppers are compensated for acting as regular customers and evaluating and reporting on the quality of services supplied by various businesses.

During a typical task, a Mystery Shopper reviews the task requirements, goes shopping, inspects the location's cleanliness, interacts with employees, asks specific questions about a product, possibly makes a purchase, and fills out a survey evaluating and relating to the experience.

Ipsos Mystery Shopping is ideal for those with a busy and flexible schedule.
Work from home by completing Mystery Calls, Mystery Chats, and Mystery Emails, or visit local shops and do Mystery Visits.

2. FloorWalk

FloorWalk specializes in mystery shopping and consumer insights, which are critical for business success. The group of experts has years of expertise in the sectors of operations management, process automation, technology solutions, and sales and marketing.

Working with 100+ businesses on Marketing & Research Projects such as Porsche, Amazon, Audi, Apple, Cipla, Oberoi Group, and others to solve customer experience challenges by giving ground level consumer insights.

3. GBW Mystery Shopping

GBW Mystery Shopping is suitable for a wide spectrum of consumers. Because Mystery Shopping is so flexible, a task can be booked over a lunch break, between courses, at night, in the morning, on the weekend, or in between errands. All they want is that you be focused, thorough, have an excellent recall, and be dependable.

You are compensated for your time as well as the cost of any purchases that must be made. You'll have lots of intriguing tasks to pick from with measurements taking place every day and a growing customer list.

4. BARE International India

BARE International is India's top mystery shopping company, having over 35 years of business support experience.

BARE International arose from the necessity for national and worldwide mystery consumer research. BARE is based in Fairfax, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb, and has eleven offices worldwide. BARE International conducts research for customers in over 150 countries on any given day, conducting over 50,000 assessments every month.

5. Hsbands Asia

Hsbands Asia, one of the leading Mystery Shopping Companies in India, offers mystery shopping services that can serve as a helpful tool for businesses to analyze and enhance customer service and overall customer experience.

Each Mystery Shopping Program reveals 'what is working' and 'what is not working' in your business stream. Each session focuses on a particular topic, such as upselling, identifying areas for development, and benchmarking with rivals.

This campaign is implemented by Hsbrands Asia in a variety of market industries such as retail, autos, fine dining, luxury services, and so on.

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